Signs You Need A Mold Removal Service

Most American homes have a suitable environment for mold to thrive. So, homeowners have to deal with mold frequently. But how can you tell that you have black mold in your residence? You can start by watching out for the signs discussed below. 

The Mold Is Visible 

You'll obviously know that you have mold issues when you see black mold on your ceiling, walls, shower curtain, or glass shower enclosure. The only time you may not see mold is if it's hidden in the air conditioner ductwork. Ensure you call a mold removal company if you see mold patches in your home.

Musty Smell

You can tell you have got a serious mold problem in your home if there is a musty smell. The smell of mold is distinct, and you can't miss it. Your residence will always smell like it has been damp for some months. 

The smell can get stronger if there is mold in the ductwork. If there has been a musty smell that you can't explain its source, get a mold inspection done. The assessment will determine if you need a mold removal service.

Discolored Surfaces

Most home interiors have bright colors. Therefore, it's easy to notice discolorations on your walls and ceilings. And since molds have a distinct black or green color, you'll obviously spot the difference. 

If your brightly colored walls or tiles are changing color, there is a possibility that you have got mold problems. That is a good reason to call a mold removal service before the problem spreads to every part of your home. 

Cold or Flu-Like Symptoms

You should never ignore cold and flu-like symptoms. Why? Because allergens are responsible for triggering most respiratory problems. If your loved ones have flu-like symptoms that seem to get worse every time they are in the house, there is a likelihood you have a mold problem. 

Molds release spores that trigger allergies and other respiratory problems. Therefore, you need to remove the molds to ease the flu-like symptoms. Otherwise, your family will always be sick.

Your Home Is Prone to Flooding

Have you erected your house in an area that floods frequently? If that's the case, you might have to deal with molds every year. That is why you need to inspect your basement and other areas frequently to ensure there are molds. Regular mold inspections will help you discover mold problems before they escalate.

To find out more, contact a mold removal service today.  

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