Greenlee Tool Repair And Restoration Services

An authorized Greenlee service center provides diagnoses, replacement materials, and upgrades for a range of handheld tools and machinery that contain hydraulics. Before you waste your time and money trying to fix your equipment yourself, learn about the simple repair and restoration services that are offered through an authorized dealer.

The Inspection Process

Equipment needs to be lubricated to ensure that hydraulics continue to work properly. Dry rot, corrosion, and tears could hinder a Greenlee tool's ability to work as expected. An inspection process helps a Greenlee technician determine the amount of work that will need to be performed during repair and restoration processes.

The location of damaged material, the condition of the hydraulic system, and the age of a tool could affect the pricing that a consumer will be charged. An authorized dealer may offer a "no commitment" inspection process.

This type of inspection will alert a consumer to what they can expect if they decide to hire an authorized dealer to render the repair and restoration services. The consumer, however, will not be obligated to hire the dealer.

Work Orders

A work order is prepared before a tool is serviced. A work order will include the results of an inspection. It will also list details about the type of tool that is being serviced. Referring to a work order helps a service technician perform targeted steps that are essential when fixing a tool.

A certified dealer will carry a line of Greenlee materials that can be used to restore hydraulic tools and nonhydraulic tools. Since replacement materials are kept directly at the place of business where a Greenlee tool is going to be serviced, there is no need for a consumer to commit to having their tool undergo a repair process that will require ordering parts from a third party. A customer will receive a copy of the work order when they drop their Greenlee tool off at a service center.

Other Services

A certified dealer may offer repair updates and transport services. Repair updates inform a consumer about the status of their hydraulic equipment. A consumer will be made aware of the targeted date that their tool will be repaired by.

A transport service provider will pick up equipment from a consumer and drop the equipment off when a repair and restoration process has concluded. A transport service will save a client the hassle of needing to load and transport the heavy-duty hydraulic equipment that they own.

Contact a Greenlee tool repair service for more info.

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