How Do You Know You Need Smoke Damage Restoration?

If the fire in your home was relatively small, the damage you see may not seem all that significant. However, even though the bulk of the house may be untouched by flame or heat, this does not always mean that there is not much more extensive damage to consider. A lot of property owners simply tear out the materials that are damaged by a fire, have them replaced, and assume everything is good. Unfortunately, this often leaves behind lingering smoke damage that can be an all-out structure and health hazard. Take a look at a few signs that should spur you to seek smoke damage restoration

Do your walls or ceilings look dingy or dirty?

In a home that has experienced a fire, it is common to see smoke staining far beyond where the fire actually occurred. In a lot of cases, the damage will show up as what looks like stains or discoloration on the walls and ceilings. Even though you may be able to wipe away residue, the discoloration will likely remain because the particles and contaminants settle into these surfaces. 

Do you smell smoke when you turn on the HVAC system?

If smoke is in the home when the HVAC system is running, the smoke from the fire will funnel through the return vent and into your HVAC system. Because the chemicals and odor particles are microscopic, you truly can't "flush" out the system just by allowing it to run for a while. The odors and chemicals can seep into every small crevice and surface, which means you will continue to smell the odors for years to come. Smoke damage restoration will involve disassembling the full system of ducts to properly clean all the internal structures you don't see. 

Do you spot anything odd about your exterior walls?

When a house catches on fire, the smoke will often take whatever path necessary to get outside. Therefore, the smoke can travel through electrical outlets, light fixtures, and slim cracks and get trapped between interior and exterior walls. You may not see smoke damage on a particular wall when you look at it internally, but you may see odd things from the outside. For example, if you have vinyl siding, you may see dark smoke stains around the seams. 

Are your closets and cabinets filled with smoke residue?

Smoke naturally gravitates to certain areas in the house, even those you thought were concealed from the smoke. The perfect example is inside closets, cabinetry, and even in drawers. Before deciding you don't need smoke damage restoration, be sure to thoroughly examine the out-of-the-way points around the house where smoke may have slipped to.

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