Hire A Commercial Handyman After Damage Is Done To One Of Your Hotel Rooms

When a guest checks out of their room in your hotel, it will typically take just a short period of time for a member of your housekeeping staff to get the room ready for the next guest. There are times, however, when more work is required. If you've had a problematic guest who has damaged the room, you'll have several things that need attention. While contacting the police and pursuing charges against the guest may be a priority, you'll also need to get the room back to a condition in which future guests can use it. This is a good time to hire a local commercial handyman, who can perform a variety of tasks in the room. Even if your hotel has a small maintenance team, it may keep busy with other work—which means that it's a good idea to look for outside help. Here are some examples of tasks that your commercial handyman can do. 

Fixing Drywall Damage

Problematic hotel guests will often damage the walls of their rooms. It's relatively easy to make a hole in the drywall with a foot, a fist, or any type of heavy object. If the hotel room in question has drywall damage, your commercial handyman can assess the situation and come up with a plan for fixing it. The solution may be to patch the drywall or, in more serious cases, it might make sense to remove an entire sheet of drywall and replace it. Of course, the handyman can also apply paint to give the wall a like-new look.

Repairing Or Replacing Fixtures

There may also be damage to one or more fixtures in the room. For example, the guest could have ripped the hair dryer off the wall or torn a lighting sconce away from the wall. A commercial handyman can fix issues of this sort. If the fixtures are still in working order, the handyman will mount them to the wall again. In the case of damaged fixtures, you'll need to provide replacement fixtures for the handyman to install for you.

Repairing Furniture

Furniture can often get broken when a hotel guest acts recklessly, and while some of these pieces may need to be replaced, others may be possible to repair. Your commercial handyman can assess any damaged pieces of furniture and give you an idea of whether or not repairs are possible. For example, if the guest jumped on the bed until the frame collapsed, the handyman may be able to fix the frame with new hardware.

Many commercial handyman services are reachable around the clock, so contact this local professional as soon as you realize you need help in one of your hotel rooms. Contact a local commercial handyman service to learn more. 

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