Hiring Carpet Cleaners For An Apartment Building

Maintaining an entire apartment building can be a lot of work. Hiring out some of the more specialized jobs can greatly simplify your life and work. One job you might want to hire out is cleaning the carpets. Why do this yourself when there are experienced carpet cleaning companies you can hire? Indeed, hiring carpet cleaners does tend to produce better results and leave more time in your schedule. Here are some helpful tips to follow throughout this process.

Make sure they can get their equipment upstairs to your upper-floor apartments.

There are a few different types of equipment setups that carpet cleaning companies can have. Some have a suction device that they operate out of the back of their truck. When this is the case, they may not be able to stretch the hoses all of the way up to a top-floor apartment. Other companies have more portable equipment and would be better able to service top-floor apartments. So, as you call around to various carpet cleaning companies, make sure you let them know how tall your building is so they can be sure their equipment will be suited to the task.

Have as many apartments done at once as possible.

You probably won't be able to have every apartment unit done at once since some are likely rented. But you should have as many apartment carpets as possible cleaned at the same time. You'll generally get the best price this way since the carpet cleaning company already has to drive out to you and unload their equipment. In other words, it is usually cheaper to have five apartments cleaned on one day than to have two cleaned on Monday and three on Tuesday.

Make sure you have a good way to air out the space.

The more apartment carpets you have cleaned, the more residual moisture there will be in the building. You want to make sure the building gets aired out so that the carpets can dry. So, plan the cleaning for a nice day when you can open the windows. Or, if needed, rent a few industrial fans to circulate air through the apartments post-cleaning. In a large apartment building, you have to make drying a priority to prevent mold.

With the tips above, you should have an easier time hiring a carpet cleaning service to take care of your apartment building. Good luck, and enjoy your cleaner carpets.

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