Masonry Repairs Your Home's Chimney May Require

The masonry that is used in your chimney is designed to be extremely durable. However, this does not mean that it will be free of the risk of experiencing substantial problems. In particular, there are a few types of masonry damage that will require urgent repairs from the home if they are to correct them.

Storm Damage

The chimney can be extremely exposed to the elements, and this can lead to storm damage being a common issue that homeowners will need to have repaired. In particular, strong winds can damage the chimney in a few different ways. One of the most common can be causing tree branches to fall on the chimney. In extreme cases, this may contribute to the chimney collapsing, but it can also result in bricks being knocked loose or even cracked.  Following a serious storm, the chimney may benefit from undergoing a comprehensive evaluation to make sure that it is still structurally sound.

Foundation Issues With The Home

If the home starts to develop foundation issues, this could result in substantial issues for the chimney. Extensive cracking can be one example of this problem as the compromised foundation may cause the rest of the structure to shift. This could lead to an excessive strain being placed on the chimney. Not surprisingly, this could cause large cracks to spread from the bottom toward the top of the chimney. Once the foundation damage has been corrected, the issues that it caused to the chimney should also be repaired. While the foundation issues may prevent this problem from returning, the damage that was already caused to the chimney could continue to worsen until it may become structurally unstable and unsound.

Damage From Moss And Vines

Moss and vines growing on the chimney can be a feature that many homeowners may find attractive. However, these are substances that can actually be somewhat damaging to the masonry of the chimney. Vines can be especially damaging as they will grow small roots into the bricks and mortar. Over time, this could degrade the masonry to the point where it may start to crack and split. Removing any vines or moss that may be growing on the chimney could be a simple task that will prevent this damage from occurring. As an added benefit, it may also be able to reduce the risk of a hot ember from the fire potentially igniting the vines that may be growing on the exterior of the chimney.

Reach out to a masonry chimney repair contractor to learn more.

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