FAQs About Having Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Your clothes dryer gives off lots of warm air as it operates. This air needs to be vented to the outdoors, where its concentration of carbon monoxide and other fumes won't be harmful to people. Did you know that this dryer vent needs to be cleaned and maintained? Here are some questions homeowners often have about that process.

What's being cleaned out of the dryer vent?

When a dryer vent is cleaned, the main substance being removed is the dryer lint. This lint does build up over time. Even though there should be a lint trap in your dryer, the smallest lint particles can make their way through that trap and start settling in the vent. If you have pets, your dryer vent may get clogged and dirty faster, since pet hair often makes it past the lint trap.

Why is dryer vent cleaning so important?

The main reason to clean your dryer vents is to prevent fires. If too much grime builds up in the vent, then any heat that comes into the vent could cause that grime to catch flame. Dryer lint is rather flammable, after all. Cleaning your vents also keeps air flowing freely through them. This decreases wear and tear on the dryer, which extends its life and helps prevent the need for repairs.

Who should clean your dryer vent?

Many people hire a professional to come clean their dryer vent. There are companies that offer dryer vent cleaning as their only service. Some cleaning companies and HVAC companies also offer this service. They have long hoses and powerful vacuums that can reach down into the vent and suck out the debris. This whole job should only take them a few minutes. They will generally check on the condition of the vent while they are cleaning it. Companies can also patch or repair vents, if needed.

Can you clean your own dryer vent?

If you're a skilled DIYer, you can probably tackle this task yourself. You'll need to remove the vent hose that connects the dryer to the vent. Then, you'll need to use a vacuum to suction the debris out of the vent. You may need to purchase a longer vacuum hose to do this more effectively.

Now that you know more about dryer vent cleaning, you should be prepared to either handle this task or hire a company such as Hillco LLC to do it for you. 

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Your clothes dryer gives off lots of warm air as it operates. This air needs to be vented to the outdoors, where its concentration of carbon monoxide

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