Tips For Dealing With Mold In Your Drywall

Did your finished basement flood with water, causing the drywall to become a breeding ground for mold? You'll want to know these tips about how to repair this type of mold damage.

Be Safe When Working With Mold 

Mold is very dangerous to breathe in. If you are going to be working with mold to remove it, know that it's best to wear protective gear so that the mold is not breathed in or come in contact with your skin. You'll also want to use air filters to trap airborne mold and open windows for ventilation. 

Repair Or Replace Damaged Wood

There is going to be wood supporting the drywall that is saturated with water as well. It's possible that this wood will need to be replaced if it is damaged beyond repair. You can figure out what wood needs to be replaced by examining its moisture content with a moisture meter. You simply stick it into the wood by aligning the probes with the wood's grain, and you'll get a reading of the moisture content that is measured as a percentage. 

A 0% moisture reading means that there is no moisture at all, which is simply not possible with wood. Acceptable levels of moisture will fall between 6%-8% for interior wood. If the moisture levels are higher than that, you can try to dry the wood out or replace it entirely. 

If you do decide to keep the wood studs, you'll need to spray the material with a chlorine bleach solution so that it will kill the mold inside the wood. The bleach solution will need to penetrate the wood, and then you can scrub the surface to remove visible mold. 

Cut Out The Damaged Drywall

All of the drywall that has been saturated with water will need to be cut out and removed. There is no way to save water-damaged drywall because it will likely have expanded and will not go back to its normal size. You will need to cut out all of the damaged drywall so that it can be replaced with new material. 

Once again, you can use a moisture meter to test the drywall. Know that any drywall that has a moisture level above 17% should be removed. Cut out the drywall a few inches above that moisture measurement and you'll be fine. Any visible mold on the remaining drywall surface should be cleaned with the chlorine bleach solution to ensure it is gone. 

Contact a mold damage repair company to learn more. 

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