4 Signs That An A.O. Smith Commercial Water Heater Repair Is Needed

If you want your commercial property to be as comfortable as possible, you likely appreciate the convenience of having hot water. Depending on the nature of your business, you might be lawfully required to have a working water heater installed. There might come a time when you need an A.O. Smith commercial water heater repair.  

Spike in Energy Costs

 A failing commercial water heater is likely to cause a spike in energy costs. Some properties require significantly larger A.O. Smith water heater tanks than others. This means that when the appliances need repairs, they consume significantly more energy. If there have not been any rate increases, it is worth taking the time to get the water heater inspected and repaired if recommended. 

Reduced Hot Water Volume

Another phenomenon that could occur is that a business might start having issues with keeping a steady supply of hot water. If there have not been any major changes in everyday business activities or appliance upgrades that require water, the issue might be related to the water heater. There might be sediment buildup in the water tank. Maintenance services such as routine water heater flushing can reduce the chances of this happening. An older commercial water heater that is reaching the end of its lifespan might have this issue from normal wear and tear and a decline in its efficiency.

Rumbling Noises

Odd noises can be alarming and might make you fear that the water heater is on the verge of a serious malfunction. This type of issue is likely related to sediment buildup especially if the unit hasn't been maintained in a while or never flushed. An A.O. Smith commercial water heater repair is needed to remove the sediment and ensure that the unit performs at its highest level of efficiency. Prolonging the repair will inevitably result in more buildup, higher energy bills, and more complex repair options.


Commercial water heaters are designed to keep water hot and contained. Any signs of leaks should be treated as emergency repair issues. Leaks can put a commercial property at risk for water damage. The leaks can happen from issues such as a sign of loose connections, broken seals, or cracks in the tanks. 

The thought of a broken commercial water heater may invoke panic because of associated repair costs and potential legal issues. Thankfully,  there are A.O.Smith 24/7 repair solutions, and a plumber is the best resource to use for this dilemma. Their services can benefit you before or after a complete breakdown. This is why it is ideal to know the signs of water heater failure and use them to your advantage.

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