Know These Terms When Calling A Water Damage Restoration Company

Unless you live most of your life in a flood zone, arranging for water damage restoration is probably something you'll only have to do once or a couple of times in your life. As such, calling the water damage company may seem a little confusing at first. Knowing the basic terminology below, however, will help you have more productive and useful conversations with your water damage company.

Grey Water

Grey water is water that is waste water, but not directly sewage water. The water produced after you shower, for example, would be gray water. So would water that is discharged from your dishwasher. Your water damage restoration team will want to know whether the water flooding your home is grey water, as this will affect the type of cleanup protocols they use.

Black Water

Black water is another term for sewage — water that comes from a toilet or sewage pipe. Additional cleanup protocols are needed if your flooding is due to black water.


You may hear your water damage restoration professionals talking about methods of removing vapors. They're referring to the moisture in your home's air. Often, this is removed with dehumidifiers and fans. It's an important part of the restoration process since surfaces will continue to mold if the air remains moist, even after most of the water is cleared up.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Many water damage restoration companies now use ultrasonic cleaning to sanitize items that have been exposed to dirty water. Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves to kill bacteria and mold. It sometimes enables restoration contractors to save items like furniture and decor that would otherwise need to be thrown away.

Total Loss

Something is said to be a total loss if the cost of repairing or restoring it would outweigh the cost of replacing it. So, if a water damage restoration contractor declares an item or material a "total loss," you can expect that item or material to be disposed of and replaced.

Submersible Pumps

If your water damage team says they're bringing submersible pumps to your home, that means they're bringing portable pumps that they can place directly in the flood waters. These pumps are really good at removing flood water so that the team can then thoroughly dry out floors and other surfaces.

Review the terms above, and keep the definitions in mind when you call for water damage restoration. Before long, your home should be clean and livable again. For more information, contact a local company, like Sahara Restoration.

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